TV shopper is the No1 online/TV magazine. TVshopper showcases a variety of products and services in all areas of life through all broadcast means possible. TV shopper is available to several TV channels on satellite/terrestrial and local; tvshopper is also available online desktop and mobile at www.mytvshopper.com. TVshopper does not only promote your products, we help you sell them.

What we do

We will promote your business; services and products to the public. We will promote on the internet and also on TV.

- It is absolutely free to enlist your business on our web portal (www.myTVshopper.com)

- Online Promotion comes with a monthly package that is very affordable.

- TV promotion comes with a yearly package that is very affordable.


Please find more details on our rate card.

TVshopper is a WOCgroup project.

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